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Holder for 3 years of a Master's degree in Public Relations,
Julie decided to leave her position as an employee as Project and Marketing Manager, which she held until then.

It was as a result of two events that she realised that itwas time to take the plunge into entrepreneurship :

Firstly, the advertising world and the campaigns she was working on no longer appealed to her. She feels limited and not aligned with her values.

The second event is none other than

the meeting of our Marketeers with her future partner, Julien.



Founder of a startup in event management, he was completing his Master's degree in Digital Advertising. His internship at the end of his studies enabled him to create a client portfolio as a consultant in digital strategy. It is during this period that he realised the growing needs of this market.

It is by exchanging their ideas and perceptions of the professional and advertising world that they realise they share the same way of understanding the future of their profession.


What's more, they complete each other on a personal level :
She, bringing him the gentleness and artistic coherence that he lacks, and he, bringing her the strength and rigour that she may lack. 



We Dream About Reality.

They decide to found JNJ. in order to propose their vision in image construction on Digital Platforms. 

This to any Artist. Company. Freelancer. or Entrepreneur. who shares their vision of Communication.


Favouring artistic and cultural projects, they only want to put forward the True Identity. of their clients.


According to them, nothing enhances more than the Natural.

Nothing attracts more than Reality.

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